8m Straight/Angled 8m Straight/Angled 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Straight 8m Angled/Straight 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Angled 8m Angled/Angled 47,03 € 52,25 €

6m Straight/Straight 6m Straight/Straight 33,53 € 37,25 €

6m Straight/Angled 6m Straight/Angled 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Straight 6m Angled/Straight 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Angled 6m Angled/Angled 38,03 € 42,25 €

5m Straight/Straight 5m Straight/Straight 31,28 € 34,75 €

8m Straight/Straight 8m Straight/Straight 42,53 € 47,25 €

Alligator AD5200T MK II Alligator AD5200T MK II 1 259,78 € 1 399,75 €

Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" 2 137,50 € 2 375,00 €

Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS 2 835,00 € 3 150,00 €

How To Buy

Placing an order

ATTENTION: Before you make your purchase please get acquainted with the specification of the product. In case of directional cables, important factors are the cable jacks on either side - from the sound source and the receiver (angled jack or straight jack).

Please follow these steps to continue your purchase:

Shopping cart --> Order --> Request order (or login) --> Summary --> Confirm Order

Placing an order step by step:

1). Adding to shopping cart

You can purchase the chosen product by clicking "+ shopping cart", precede withchoosing the correct quantity - default setup: 1 pc Once you click "+ shopping cart" the page with your shopping cart contents will be displayed, which presents a list of selected products for the on-going order.

2). Shopping cart contents

On the shopping cart contents page, it is possible to make a change of the number of pieces/item (once you finish editing the amount, click "recount"), or you can delete a previously selected product. It is also possible to choose your payment and delivery method.
Finally, you will be able to see the summary of your order, including the total sum for the product(s) and delivery under the inscription "Due Payment".
Next, you can add more products by clicking "continue shopping" (left side on the bottom of the frame), or you can finish the purchasing process by moving on to final step of placing the order by clicking "Order".

3). Placing an Order/Login

On this page, you can "Request an order" right away - without registering. You can also login to an existing account, or create a new account - it is not necessary to register at this online store, you can make a purchase without logging in.

4). Personal information

This step requires you to fill in your personal contact details and address, then click ''Summary''. If you are logged in, you can obtain your personal information automatically. It is very important to give your phone number, which is necessary for shippment purposes. On the form, besides the windows intended for filling in your basic personal data, there is also an "ATTENTION'" window in which you can write additional non-standard information.

5. Order summary

This page displays the summary of your order, so that you can make an exact analysis of the placed order and check for any mistakes. If all of the given information is correct, please click the "Confirm order" inscription. The order is considered successful only after you click "Confirm order".

6. Confirmation

In this step, if you chose the online payment option, you should make it. The order will simultaniously be forwarded to implementation, you will then (to the given e-mail address) receive an e-mail confirming the placed order along with the pro-forma invoice. If you chose the regular bank transfer payment option, you should make it now.

ATTENTION: If, however, the data in the received e-mail does not comply with what has been entered, or there is any sort of other mistake, please contact us immediately via e-mail or telephone to make the necessary changes.


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