8m Straight/Angled 8m Straight/Angled 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Straight 8m Angled/Straight 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Angled 8m Angled/Angled 47,03 € 52,25 €

6m Straight/Straight 6m Straight/Straight 33,53 € 37,25 €

6m Straight/Angled 6m Straight/Angled 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Straight 6m Angled/Straight 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Angled 6m Angled/Angled 38,03 € 42,25 €

5m Straight/Straight 5m Straight/Straight 31,28 € 34,75 €

8m Straight/Straight 8m Straight/Straight 42,53 € 47,25 €

Alligator AD5200T MK II Alligator AD5200T MK II 1 259,78 € 1 399,75 €

Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" 2 137,50 € 2 375,00 €

Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS 2 835,00 € 3 150,00 €


The Authorised Laboga Service is located in Poland. For servicing products under warranty as well as after warranty there is a paid service available called “Door to Door.” Using UPS, now there is a way to send your gear to Laboga without leaving your house. To send your gear for service, please send us information to:

In this information please include:

- Information about the product (name of product, serial number)

- Your name and surname

- Address

- Telephone number

- email address

- If the product is under warranty, please include the proof of purchase (receipt, invoice)

You will receive a UPS waybill which you will need to print out and stick on the box. To set up the delivery, you will need to contact UPS. You will find all the UPS locations at

Remember to use appropriate packaging for the product. Laboga company is not responsible for damages caused during shipping to the company.

Only transportation fees will apply for products sent to us for repairs that are under warranty.

For products not under warranty sent for repairs, customer pay the same amount for a flat rate 20 Eur.

This price does not include:

- tube replacement

- speaker replacement

- transformer replacement

Transportation fees are calculated individually, depending on location and its postal code.

(Usually it's about 50Eur both ways).


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