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412B Cabinet

4 X 12
412B Cabinet
412B Cabinet
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412B cabinet is based on Celestion Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers in "B" configuration - straight cabinet. The are 2 possible configurations:
"A" - slanted cabinet;
"B" - straight cabinet.
Celestion Vintage 30 and G12T-75 speakers are thought to be the best guitar speakers. This cabinet has a classic closed enclosure. Back side is screw mounted which gives good access to inside of cabinet. The use of four speakers gives the effect of "a wall of sound". Selection of three variants of material used to build cabinet (plywood, chipboard, both) making possible to form the sound of this cabinet. 

On the back side are 2 jack sockets which are designed to connect amplifier or another cabinet. Thanks to that, one can avoid using long connecting cables between the cabinets and the amplifier in a "full stack" usage. Inside the case is the 'soundpost', which additionally increases the inflexibility and equalises tone.

The cabinet that is made from chipboard has a softer and more resonant bass sound. The cabinet that is made from both chipboard and plywood, has a quickattack and resonance at the same time. However, thecabinet that is made purely from plywood has not only a very quick attack and precise bass, but also great articulation.

To an individual order, it is possible to install other speakers. Finishing cloths, so called "speaker cloths", which protect speakers are available inmany colors. All of the different types are made of strengthened cloth that is very durable and provides very good protection from damage to the speakers. At the same time, it does not inhibit the sound.

Available types:

  • STANDARD - made from chipboard, has a soft and more resonant bass.
  • CLASSIC - made from plywood which causes that the sound to be drier, but there is a very quick response and the sound is clearer.
  • PREMIUM - a combination of chipboard and plywood. This structure is the result of years of experience in constructing guitar cabinets. Such combination is a kind of compromise between Classic and Standard types.



  • Power capacity: 240 W RMS,
  • Celestion speakers: 2 x Vitnage 30, 2 x G12T-75
  • Speakers mounted from the back side,
  • Two side handles,
  • Impedance: 8 Ω or 16 Ω (depending on the ordered model),
  • Outputs: two jack sockets connected in a parallel,
  • Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 350 [ mm x mm x mm ],
  • Weight: 45 kg.

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