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Neon 4m YELLOW

4 meters
Neon 4m YELLOW
Neon 4m YELLOW
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WOS 4m Neon_Yellow


Way Of Sound  -  NEON yellow

 4 meters


All cables are hand made at the Laboga factory. The Way of Sound cables are designed for all musical instruments: electric guitars, bass guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, keyboards, effects, etc.


The NEON Series has been equipped with an ultraviolet outside cover which increases protection against mechanical damage.  This cover also protects it from dirt so the cable can maintain its original look longer 

All connections have to be made in the direction printed on the cable -from the source of the sound towards the receiver. The most simple example is in the case of connecting a guitar to the amplifier. The same idea is used in all connections between various equipment, e.g. in the effects loop, between effects, etc.
These cables are manufactured in various configurations of length and type of plugs: angled or straight plugs.

Different versions of plugs are available:

Straight (from the source) -> Straight (to the receiver)
Straight (from the source) -> Angled (to the receiver)
Angled (from the source)   -> Straight (to the receiver)
Angled (from the source)   ->  Angled (to the receiver)

We use the highest quality components. The wire is specially custom made for us. It is made of oxygen-free copper and silver is added. It has a spiral wound screen giving no microphonic effect with a high efficiency of screening. As a result, the sound is not disrupted even under extreme working conditions.

The unique solutions applied in the cable has low capacity and very low attenuation. Additionally, the outer cable sleeve is made of the special material that prevents the cable from twisting and increases mechanical tolerance to bending and breaking. Nevertheless, double cable protection has been used on the most exposed part: connection between the wire and the jack socket. It has made a considerable improvement for the cable's lifespan.

We only use plug jacks from the U.S. company G&H.

With every cable we include a velcro fastener. It helps to quickly and easily wind the cable up. The diameter of the cable is 7mm.

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