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8m Straight/Angled 8m Straight/Angled 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Straight 8m Angled/Straight 44,78 € 49,75 €

8m Angled/Angled 8m Angled/Angled 47,03 € 52,25 €

6m Straight/Straight 6m Straight/Straight 33,53 € 37,25 €

6m Straight/Angled 6m Straight/Angled 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Straight 6m Angled/Straight 35,78 € 39,75 €

6m Angled/Angled 6m Angled/Angled 38,03 € 42,25 €

5m Straight/Straight 5m Straight/Straight 31,28 € 34,75 €

8m Straight/Straight 8m Straight/Straight 42,53 € 47,25 €

Alligator AD5200T MK II Alligator AD5200T MK II 1 259,78 € 1 399,75 €

Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" Diamond Sound DS50W combo 1x12" 2 137,50 € 2 375,00 €

Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS Diamond Sound 100W + 212DS 2 835,00 € 3 150,00 €

3m Straight/Straight 3m Straight/Straight 26,78 € 29,75 €

3m Angled/Straight 3m Angled/Straight 29,03 € 32,25 €

3m Straight/Angled 3m Straight/Angled 29,03 € 32,25 €

Speaker cable 0,75m Jack

Speaker Cables
Speaker cable 0,75m Jack
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Speaker cable 0,75m.


Way of Power

  • Massive jack plugs 
  • Thick cable  (2,5mm)
  • Only the highest quality materials
  • Gives reliable connection 


Original cables LABOGA Way Of Power are hand made at the Laboga factory are produced by hand at Adam Labogi to connect all tube amplifiers, transistor ones with loudspeakers with a wide spectrum of output power, where "Speakon" plugs are used for connection. Connections are made in the direction marked on the cable.

We use the best materials for the product and use several decades of experience gained in the production of amplifiers. The cable used is specially made for our order and is designed for connecting power amplifiers with loudspeakers.

It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and the use of strands made of anaerobic copper with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2. The whole has a massive, yet flexible cover. Plugs are protected in a suitable way, which increases the resistance of the cable to damage. As a result, the cable gives a stable and most importantly reliable connection of the power amplifier with the loudspeaker cabinet

In addition, this version of the cable has been enriched with an outer braid that increases the mechanical resistance. Moreover, the surface of the braid prevents dirt from settling, making the cable last longer to its original appearance.


  • length: 75 cm,

  • wire diameter: 9mm,

  • 2.5mm cross section,

  • terminals: 2 x massive jack

  • Weight: 134g.

Cables are checked after being manufactured on a special device in order to eliminate the risk of damage and any irregularities.

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